You know for sure that a storyline as rich as StarCraft’s is definitely not going to remain just like that, as there are plenty more arcs for one to explore and tap, just like looking for new stomping grounds in order to harvest additional vespene gas. Having said that, additional unit details about StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm has been uncovered, where among them would include a couple of new Zerg units; namely the Viper and the Swarm Host. The former represents a large dragonfly and will need a Spawning Pool, an Infestation Pit and eventually a Hive as a prerequisite. As for its abilities, you would be able to consume 200 life of a friendly building over 20 seconds, converting that into 50 energy. How’s that for a quick charge?

Abduct costs 75 energy, but this allows the Viper to pull a friendly or enemy unit to the Viper’s location thanks to its harpoon-like tongue. Definitely a game changer when you remove units from a certain death, which bodes well for the gas-and-mineral economy.

As for Blinding Cloud, that results in a 10 second cloud which reduces the attack range of biological and mechanical units to just melee range.

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