In the startup world, everyone knows that making mistakes and learning from them is critical to success. Failure, however, is rarely the topic of conversation at startup events, especially here in France. If we have so much to learn from our failures, why aren’t we talking more about them?


That’s exactly what the FailCon producers realized in 2009. Tired of hearing successful entrepreneurs endlessly share how they built great companies (but never about mistakes made along the way), they launched FailCon, where technology founders and investors discuss their failures to prepare for success.

Contrary to the conference’s theme, FailCon has NOT failed; it reaches half a dozen countries around the world, including Germany, Singapore, Australia, and Brazil, and has featured hundreds of industry leaders sharing personal mistakes made and lessons learned.

It’s first international production was here in Paris last year, put on by Cass Phillipps and Roxanne Varza.  And they’ll be hosting it again in just two weeks!  On September 25th, over 200 founders and investors from around Europe gathered for a  candid conversations on common startup mistakes and how to recover from them.

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