Electric car manufacturer Tesla has constructed solar-powered rapid electric car chargers at half a dozen spots throughout the great state of California as an initial rollout, and they have drawn up plans to install even more solar-powered rapid electric car chargers from 2013 onwards. The technology relies on a solar system from SolarCity, and even better news for Tesla’s Model S owners – using those will be free. Calling it the “Supercharger” rapid car charging network, Tesla claims that these stations will offer free charging “indefinitely” for Model S owners, and they are “clean” stations considering how the Superchargers will be powered exclusively by our great ball of fire, the sun.

The Supercharger could be deemed to be the answer to a trio of major problems that prevent electric vehicles from being mainstream, including the ability to drive electric vehicles across long distances in a convenient manner, solve the problem of generating electricity at a distant fossil fuel power plant, as well as tackling the wallet-numbing cost of electricity eventually. Tesla has a global outlook, and wants to install many more Supercharger stations throughout Europe and Asia in addition to the US.

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