Twitter widgets have been around nearly as long as Twitter itself. They are routinely used on websites to display a few recent tweets, usually in a side-bar. If a reader wants to respond to one of these tweets, he then has to navigate away from the page to Twitter and then post a reply.

The new HTML widget is here to change this. Twitter has just launched this widget which comes with some major upgrades, packing many new features. In fact, by embedding this new widget into a website, you can virtually pull a kind of mini-Twitter right there.

It comes with a scrollable timeline which can display more tweets and provides a reader with the option of responding to a tweet through the widget. The upgrade also allows retweets and favorites options besides allowing photos and images to be displayed through click-to-expand.

A very useful new feature is that rather than pulling tweets only from a given account, you can also pull tweets related to a specific hashtag or from a list and display them through the widget. To make use of this new functionality in the Twitter widget, you simply have to add one new line of HTML code and voila, the Twitter timeline on your website would a lot cooler.

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