The police as well as military have had their fair share of help from animals such as bloodhounds and guard dogs on the field, but how about enlisting an unfeeling, unflinching individual that does not tire out or show any emotion? Yes, I am referring to a robot, and the Bergen County Police recently demonstrated an underwater search robot that can make dives into murky, contaminated water, sparing the officers in a wet suit from doing so along the way.

Known as the SeaBotix LBV-200-4, this is a mini remote operated vehicle which carries a video camera and is driven by a small motor. Being tiny enough to fall under the category of a “carry on luggage” on an airplane, it has a fair share of interesting tools at its disposal to help the police with detective work, including sonar imaging to make out objects under zero visibility situations, in addition to a bunch of interchangeable grabber arms that will be able to be controlled remotely to perform whatever tasks that are required when the need arises. Neat, no? At least these robots need not surface for air. Heck, you don’t even need to pay them overtime.

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