Sony’s corporate image might have taken a beating in recent times compared to its boom years where the name Sony was synonymous with quality products, but that does not mean that they are not a force to be reckoned with. No sir, they are still innovating and attempting to win more market share in the world of consumer electronics, and the mobile device section seems to have gotten a leg up ever since they broke off their partnership with Ericsson some time ago. While their new Xperia range of smartphones are definitely worth checking out if you want something less mainstream for an Android-powered device, their tablets are not exactly the first thing that comes across your mind if you’re looking for one, despite their recent releases like the Xperia Tablet S.

Still, a new tablet that has yet to be named has managed to make its way to the FCC for a listing, and that alone leaves plenty of room for speculation as to just what the final naming convention for this particular tablet would be. One can speculate that since the label’s location on the drawing does seem to indicate that the label itself is relatively small compared to the device’s size, what we could be looking at might actually be a 20” display for all you know. What do you think this mysterious Sony device is? Being patient would be one strategy to find out later on though.

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