When Nokia introduced their new Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8 devices to the world, hands-on for the device was limited in the sense that Microsoft staff on hand were the only ones allowed to handle the device. We guess given that Windows Phone 8 had yet to be officially released, Microsoft did not want to ruin the surprise. In any case the folks over at WPCentral have managed to get their hands on what they claim is the finalized (or near-finalized, at least) SDK of Windows Phone 8, which apparently only a select few developers had privy to.

They put together a video where they did a tour of Windows Phone 8 which pointed out the more noticeable features, although they noted that there was nothing new. They speculated that perhaps this could be all there is to it, or that Microsoft had locked down certain parts of the SDK. Either way if you’re thinking about switching to Windows Phone 8, check out the video above where hopefully it will be enough to be helpful in making your decision!

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