With more and more folks jumping aboard the smartphone bandwagon, it makes perfect sense if folks lean more towards an unlimited data plan instead of keeping track on the number of MBs that they have used throughout the month. Well, the word “unlimited” does not really mean that in the dictionaries of some mobile carriers, where some of them might introduce throttling once you have passed a certain limit, and tend to adhere to a “fair use” policy. In fact, it seems that Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo could have struck more than just a raw nerve with his take on unlimited data, saying that “unlimited is just a word” and that “it doesn’t really mean anything….The whole unlimited thing is going by the wayside.”

How about this, Verizon? My “monthly payment” is “just a word”, and that “it doesn’t really mean anything.” I sure hope that this statement of his was not taken out of context originally, or it could be a genuine faux pas on his part. Still, customers would want to be treated right and with respect, after all, it is their dollars that keep a company going. If you are not going to take care of your customers (and their feelings), then others will.

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