Have you ever played Magic: The Gathering before? Assuming you answered in the affirmative, surely you are familiar with the concept of walls which come in handy for defense purposes, but walls were a whole lot more prevalent during the days of Revised and 4th Edition decks. I lost touch with Magic since Homelands, and am not quite sure whether walls even have a place in the deck these days. Well, what you see in the video above is known as the Wall of Wind, where it is more than able to simulating Category 5 hurricane winds.

The Wall of Wind hails from the Florida International University, and it is the first university research facility which is able to churn out Category 5 hurricane winds, at least within a simulation. A dozen fans make up the Wall of Wind, with each fan coughing out up to 700 horsepower, generating winds of up to 157 miles per hour. The test section stands tall at 15-feet high by 20-feet wide, paving the way for researchers, businesses, government agencies and industries to test and analyze how structures and products actually perform under different hurricane conditions. It might not require a single mana to “cast”, but cost approximately $8 million. [Press Release]

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