Washing machines conventionally come in box-like shapes, a design which has been around for decades. However, it may be starting to get a little boring for most of us. With everything has been redesigned and revamped with sleek, modern designs, its only logical that washing machine also gets a similar treatment.

Bauknecht has now created a stunningly beautiful washing machine design which looks like a small tech-equipped capsule on the first look. The design has been created in collaboration with the German designer Arman Emami.

Some of us may grumble over the rounded design, complaining that one can no longer put random things atop the washing machine. But then, a rounded design looks far more neat and turns your washing machine into a work of art that can be taken out of that aloof corner of the house and put squarely into the living room.

Evidently, the design of the machine is probably the only highlight since the company hasn’t released any details of the functions it packs. But even if it is at par with its peers as far as washing is concerned, its looks alone makes it a winner in comparison. Bauknecht hasn’t revealed the pricing or release date of the machine either, so apparently we’ll have to content ourself with the images for now.

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