One of the joys of end-game raiding in World of Warcraft is the satisfaction of collecting a full set of tiered gear, which for the most part not only looks pretty good, but is a good way to show off to the rest of the World of Warcraft players your accomplishments and your skills. Well the good news is that if you were wondering what sort of raid gear you can expect to don when the Mists of Pandaria expansion has been launched and the initial raids have been completed, Blizzard has released the Tier 14 armor previews. These armor sets are of item level 496 and will essentially be the first tier of raiding gear that players can expect from the Mists of Pandaria raids. If you’d like to check out how your character might look like in fully tiered gear, head on over to the World of Warcraft blog for some examples. So, which class’s tiered armor do you think looks the best?

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