zte teaseThere is nothing quite like a little bit of fake bokeh in an image to whet your voracious appetite when it comes to rumors of a gadget that you are certainly looking forward to. ZTE’s marketing strategy manager, Dennis Lui, went ahead to post on his personal Sina Weibo account a photo that depicts a trio of upcoming ZTE Windows Phone devices, where the right hand most device does seem to resemble the regular ZTE Tania albeit with what resembles Windows Phone 8 in tow, not to mention the display itself being more or less depicting a “WP8 simulator” app that is available for smartphones running on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

As for the other two devices which remain obscured thanks to enough blur, what we see on the left might actually be the real deal that runs on Windows Phone 7 itself due to the shrunken live tiles, which is a hint that ZTE could very well be one of the first few manufacturers to take the plunge into the new mobile operating system version.

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