We know that Microsoft’s Kinect is capable of more than just gaming, and the folks at 3Gear Systems have come up with an interesting way to use it as a possible replacement for your mouse. Through the use of gestures, they demonstrated in the video above that the Kinect can be used to interact with the computer. This is achieved by mounting a pair of Kinect devices above the user which we presume will be used for one for each hand. Based on the demonstration, it looks pretty smooth and responsive, although they demonstrated its use while interacting with 3D environments rather than in everyday situations.

However 3Gear Systems has also released an SDK that will allow developers to add gesture support to their software. Granted not everyone will have a pair of Kinects at home to use in this setup, but it’s a step towards a rather interesting direction. More information can be found on 3Gear Systems’ website where the SDK (which is free, by the way) can also be downloaded. In the meantime you can check out their setup in action in the video above.

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