We do know that Halloween is coming your way, but have you made the necessary preparations to meet it head on and scare the kids away with rotten candy and superior horror special effects? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to consider an alternative this year, taking the Star Wars route. Looking ever comical like a telescope-eyed goldfish, the Admiral Ackbar cosplay outfit is not just made out of cloth, but also has its fair share of robotics to boot.

Artist, sculptor and costume builder Tom Cuthbert is the one behind the Admiral Ackbar cosplay outfit, where it boasts of a bunch of animatronics in the head that will power Admiral Ackbar’s telescopic eyes. To make things all the more impressive, it will be powered by the wearer’s facial motions, now how about that? This is truly a magical mixture of science, technology, innovations, and old fashioned imagination merged into a single costume that is so lifelike, all it is missing is some slime to make the good Admiral look as though he was fresh out of a salt bath.

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