You can more or less say that the Amazon Kindle DX is a dying breed, considering this device is no longer listed as in stock by its retailer Amazon, where it is available only to those who do not mind purchasing a tablet that is listed under the “used device” category. Heck, that means we will not be able to check out the refurbished units anymore. Perhaps the discontinuation of the Kindle DX is something natural, considering how the e-reader was introduced to the masses in 2009 – where 3 years is a long time in the world of consumer electronics. Sure, it received and update in the year that followed, but was more or less pushed to the sidelines since then. A price cut for the Amazon Kindle DX was introduced just a few weeks ago, and that’s that – it has been a decent run basically, but there is no room for sentiment when it comes to technology.

The Amazon Kindle DX does hold the distinction of being Amazon’s first large-screen model with a 9.7” display, and Amazon had hopes for the Kindle DX to end up in the hands of students worldwide as a textbook platform, where efforts to spearhead that vision included having several major US universities run pilot programs that saw the use of the Kindle DX in classrooms. Still, it did not take off as expected, so here we are at the end of the road. Still, Amazon has their fingers dipped in the tablet/e-reader market with their recent slew of Kindle releases like the Kindle Fire HD amongst others.

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