Whenever a particular device is being prepared to be released in the US, it will first have to go through the testing rigors by the folks over at the FCC. There are no exceptions to the rule, and the Amazon Kindle Fire 4G would be one model that has just received the collective nod of approval by the FCC. It must be noted that the Amazon Kindle Fire 4G was first unveiled to the masses sometime last month, but so far, the devices have failed to secure FCC clearance – not at least until yesterday. In fact, this had even caused Amazon to plaster disclaimers on Web pages as well as send emails stating such disclaimers when promoting the Amazon Kindle Fire 4G. You know, consumer protectionism and all that.

Well, now that the Amazon Kindle Fire 4G has received FCC approval, we can be sure that it will operate safely without interfering with other signals. It would be interesting to see just how the Kindle Fire 4G is going to measure up against the other tablets that are being lined up, including the rumors iPad mini.

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