It is no secret that many iOS users out there are wishing that the Google Maps app was still available on their device as Apple’s take on a Maps app left much to be desired. The bad news is that based on what everyone is saying at the moment, it will take Apple a while to fix the Maps app as they will need to play catchup with Google in terms of the data the search giant has managed to accumulate over the years. However according to the rumors, in the meantime it has been suggested that Apple has turned to their retail store employees and have asked them to help improve Maps for iOS.

So how will they go about this? Apparently this improvement will be done manually and if the reports are to be believed, stores selected to participate in this improvement will dedicate about 40 hours a week whereby retail store employees will manually check and verify the accuracy of Maps, and any errors or improvements discovered will then be turned over to Apple which we assume they will then include as an update. We’re not sure if this is such a great idea as there is just too much ground to cover, plus it just doesn’t feel very efficient, but we guess these improvements have to start from somewhere, right?

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