It is rather interesting to note that Apple tends to keep their offerings to the masses to a bare minimum, but it seems that things might just take a swing in the other direction with word that Apple might unveil not ten, nor twenty, but 24 new iPad models – although it is widely expected that the new iPad mini will be part of the two dozen, at least this is what 9To5Mac reported. 24 new SKUs for the iPad alongside a quartet of different model numbers: P101, P103, P105, and P107, were posted, and descriptions for each of these SKUs include A or B for black or white, in addition to “good,” “better,” or “best” descriptions that will in all probability refer to the amount of storage that the new iPads hold.

This would mean there are 6 more SKUs compared to the current iPad’s entire lineup, as one will need to take into consideration the different kinds of storage capacity, color, Wi-Fi connectivity and cellular combination. Guess the new half dozen to debut would include the new iPad mini, right? Image courtesy of 9to5Mac.

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