As Halloween approaches, there are some MMOs out there that take advantage of the holidays to come up with new events, costumes, rewards and etc. based on that event for their players. Well the good news is that if you’re playing Guild Wars 2, it looks like ArenaNet might have something special planned for Halloween this year. The Halloween themed goodies will be part of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 update – Shadow of the Mad King, which will include four new acts with a Halloween theme, and Halloween-themed items up for sale via the Black Lion Trading Company. Apart from that, the update is also expected to introduce new features to the game, such as paid PvP tournaments, new mini-dungeons, jumping puzzles and more. The update is scheduled for release on the 22nd of October, with the new acts expected to remain available through 31st of October. More details can be found on ArenaNet’s website.

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