Have you played Dr. Mario on the Game Boy before? There is just something about the Beats Pill portable wireless speaker’s design that brings me back to the monochrome goodness of the Dr. Mario puzzler, which makes sense considering the naming convention of the Beats Pill itself. It will definitely lend a new meaning to the word “take a chill pill” as you relax and soothe the day’s woes by listening to your favorite music. The Beats Pill will be accompanied by built-in patented Beats Audio, hoping to cement their position in the upmarket audio equipment market for the masses.

The Beats Pill clearly believes in the mantra that “sound is king”, where the placement of the drivers to the materials of the grill have all been carefully orchestrated and optimized in order to deliver the best sound quality possible while maximizing volume. Not only that, the Beats Pill has the distinction of being the first product to be fully integrated with the company’s patented Beats Audio algorithm, while delivering exclusive speaker modules so that one can enjoy the highest quality portable listening experience. It carries up to 7 hours of continuous play on a full charge, and boasts of auto shut-off after 30 minutes of no signal detection so that battery life is prolonged.

Interested parties can pick up the Beats Pill in black, white and red shades, although other color options are on their way, all for $199 a pop. [Press Release]

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