The FCC claims that the phenomenon known as “bill shock” would be a thing of the past, where mobile carriers charge users exorbitant rates because of flawed billing policies. Hopefully, especially when it was less than a week ago when we reported that a lady in France was billed a whopping 11,721 trillion Euros. Yes sir, that’s right, but thankfully things were sorted out shortly after that. According to the FCC, carriers should be adopting a new set of policies that ought to minimize the occurrences of “bill shock”, where these policies will kick in to warn users whenever they approach their minute or text limits.

Today, there was a deadline in the rules where carriers had to have put in place warnings for customers on at least a couple of a quartet of components – namely, voice minutes, texts, data usage, and international roaming. The last deadline would be April 17, 2013, where carriers will need to deliver alerts for all four items. What do you think of the FCC’s efforts, and this most probably mean that there will be no more bill shock stories to report on in the future.

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