So yesterday we reported that according to analyst Peter Misek, Blackberry 10 will not be seeing a January 2013 release, but a March 2013 one instead. Granted March still falls under Q1, but pushing it back by two months could be considered a “delay” by some, especially since there are probably some users out there who might be looking forward to a January release. That being said, it seems that if you were hoping Misek’s predictions were wrong, well we’re sorry to disappoint as RIM’s own President of Government Relations, Clint Robinson, has confirmed the March release date as well.

This was apparently confirmed in an interview where Robinson spoke to Argentina’s Minster of Industry who was quoted as saying that they can expect new Blackberry 10 units in March 2013. Of course there is a possibility that the March 2013 timeframe could be for the Latin America market, but until carriers start announcing availability of Blackberry 10 devices, we’ll try not to speculate too much for now. Anyone else a bit bummed by this “confirmation”?

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