The British team behind the Bloodhound SSC, which is the largest rocket firing in the U.K. in more than 20 years, has been tested successfully – meaning there is a very real possibility of forging new frontiers in the realm of speedy and safe transportation for the masses. The propulsion system of the Bloodhound SSC was ignited within a hardened aircraft shelter at Newquay Cornwall Airport, where this engine is said to be a “hybrid” where it is powered by a mixture of a liquid high test peroxide oxidizer and solid synthetic rubber fuel, while relying on the V8 from a Formula 1 racing car as an ignition system. Sounds volatile, but the design is said to be safer and more controllable compared to either a liquid or solid-fueled rocket alone.

It is said that the engine generated more than 30,000 hp during the short 10-second burn, although it has been designed to crank out up to 80,000 hp and 27,500 pounds of thrust when it is in competition trim. A jet engine from a Typhoon fighter plane will function as the main acceleration force, propelling the Bloodhound SSC to over 230 mph before the rocket system takes over to hit its target speed of 1,050 mph within 42 seconds. There will be a trio of tests to be done before any record breaking attempts are considered.

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