What you see above is the Boxee TV that made its way in the form of a leaked image over to the folks at The Verge, where the Boxee TV intends to merge the functions of over-the-air live TV broadcasts, DVR, and web apps into a single solution that sits comfortably in the middle of your living room. Do you believe that Over The Air (OTA) programming is what majority of viewers actually need when it comes to their entertainment whims? If you are not yet a convert, then Boxee hopes to tempt you over to their side of the fence with the Boxee TV streaming box.

The new hardware is manufactured by D-Link, where it comes in a form factor that some might say goes along with the rest of the crowd, resembling products from Apple and Roku amongst others. The new Boxee TV will offer a TV tuner with coax input within its matte black case, an external antenna, DVR capabilities and network streaming abilities. We look forward to an official announcement of the Boxee TV.

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