Mobile users might have heard of the popular game, Burn the Rope. It is available on iOS and Android devices for less than a dollar, or in the case of Android it is free. Now the good news is that if you love the game, it seems that Burn the Rope has made its way onto Sony’s PS Vita as well, giving you another platform to play the game on. The bad news is that unlike its smartphone counterpart, the PS Vita version is not as cheap and come 10th of October, which is also when the game will launch, gamers can expect to fork out £3.19 for it.

Granted £3.19 isn’t that much more expensive and could be thought of as affordable for most, the fact that users are paying more for a game they could pay less (or free even) for on their smartphone did not sit well with many, with quite a few gamers leaving their comments on the EU PlayStation Blog displaying their displeasure. However it should be noted that the Vita version of the game is not a strict port and will utilize some of the Vita’s features and will come with exclusive achievements that can be unlocked, but what do you guys think?

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