When 2012 started, there were many who found it a rather indulgent pastime to frequently deem the Mayan calendar as the ultimate proof that this was the last year which this Earth may witness. And that before the end of 2012, it would all be doom and gloom. Thankfully, we have steered through the better part of the year without any untoward happenings, at least none of the cosmic scale.

However, these doom-oracles may find a renewed hope in their theory now that the astronomers have discovered a comet that is headed for our Earth. It’s a gigantic comet which is among the brightest that the scientists have ever seen.

Still, not to poke a hole in those excited by the notion of a comet-hit, it is actually going to self-destruct before it could reach Earth. According to the astronomers who are now calling this comet ‘silver surfer’, it is made up of two-mile mass of rock and ice and is as bright as the day.

Unfortunate for this poor comet that it is apparently going to steer too close to the Sun and if it ever survives that, we’ll be able to see it in the sky. As per the calculations of the astronomers, it is going to be brighter than the moon when we will be able to see it in the sky, which will be some time in the start of 2014.

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