Doom 4 will be “done when it’s done”, according to id Software’s John Carmack, but hopefully we will be able to get snippets of the game in the meantime and that’s what we’re assuming dataminers have been attempting. According to PCGamesN, dataminers have discovered that Doom 4 has appeared on Steam’s content database as part of both test and community listings which means that Valve is using Steam to distribute and test the game internally. This will hopefully appease gamers who might be worried that Doom 4 could be on the backburner, but with this datamined information, we guess it can be taken as an indication that the game is indeed progressing, hopefully as planned. Not much else is known about the game so far but we will be keeping our eyes peeled, so if Doom 4 is an FPS you’re been dying to play, check back with us at a later date where we will have more information then (hopefully!).

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