While Apple’s initial victory over Samsung in the US which resulted in a possible award of $1 billion in damages could be thought of as significant, the Cupertino company appears to be having little luck in courts around the world. It seems that recently a Dutch court has ruled that Samsung did not infringe upon Apple’s patent regarding a multitouch feature, namely the feature that allows two fingers to be used on the touchscreen simultaneously, as well as the pinch-to-zoom feature. This is not the first time Apple has lost with this patent, as it they had lost previously to HTC in Britain, and Samsung and Motorola in Germany. Naturally Samsung was pleased with this ruling although Apple has yet to release a statement regarding the outcome. We guess we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple would appeal this decision, but for now we guess the victory goes to Samsung. It should also be noted that around the same time over in the US, the USPTO has tentatively rejected Apple’s claim of the “rubber banding” patent they claim Samsung infringed upon, and are re-examining the patent and have yet to make a final decision.

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