So you are all dressed up to the nines in leather when you hop on your spanking new bicycle, ready to tear up the asphalt ahead of you in a 500-mile journey. The sun had just risen, you’ve had a hearty breakfast, and your gadgets have been charged to their maximum capacity for the journey ahead. Everything looks perfect until you realized that of all things, you forgot to pack your sunglasses. Fret not, with the Dux Helm, this situation would never happen as it is a helmet that boasts of integrated eyewear which can be retracted, removed and replaced.

Touted to be the “world’s first bike helmet with retractable lens”, it is a refreshing idea, although whether it really is the first of its kind in the market remains to be seen. Anyone wants to dispute that particular claim? The Dux Helmet basically relies on a simple sliding button in order to drop a lens over your eyes, and when there is no need for the shades, just pull it up out of the way. If you want to change the color of the lens, just press a quick-release action and the lens can be removed in a jiffy. It won’t come cheap though, as the Dux Helmet with a single gray lens will cost you$179, while other lenses in different tints will range from $30 to $35.

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