Hey, remember Android 2.2 phones from a few years ago? They’ve become cheap enough that Entertainment Weekly is giving them away, embedding over 1000 in the Oct. 5 print issue to serve as an interactive advertisement. When you open the magazine to the advertisement page, the LCD screen runs ads for CW shows, and when that’s over, the phone displays tweets from CW’s Twitter account. Mashable got their hands on a copy of the magazine, and during the teardown, discoved a full QWERTY keyboard, a T-Mobile SIM card, a camera, and a USB port for charging. The screen is 2.3″ corner to corner, and doesn’t respond to touch. Still, those are pretty much all the features of a full-fledged phone. Mashable was even able to make a call. They’re think that the phone is the ABO 810, which is available online for less than $50. So if you want an Android 2.2 phone without casing or a touchscreen, make sure you get your hands on one of Entertainment Weekly’s limited edition issues.

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