While Half-Life 3 has yet to see the light of day, hopefully this Half-Life fan-movie will be able to appease Half-Life fans in the meantime. Either that or it will simply whet the appetite of fans which should drive the demand for Half-Life 3 into all new heights. That being said, this Half-Life movie has been dubbed “Enter The Freeman” and was put together by a bunch of gamers with a rather small budget of $3,000. It was filed by director James Duncan and co-produced by Berhard Forcher. It’s only 10 minutes long but its production value is pretty good and the quality is most certainly there. If you’re a Half-Life fan, perhaps you might want to spare 10 minutes from your busy day to check it out. If anything, this kind of makes me wish that someone with a bigger budget would make a full length Half-Life movie a reality – what do you guys think?

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