Ah, the Final Fantasy franchise has seen its fair share of highs in the past, and recently, you can say that it has not been going great guns. At all. In fact, many other people have already moved on to other forms of CRPGs, but you cannot deny the fact that there is still a relatively large fan base for the series. We humans forget all too easily too, and as PC and PS3 gamers await the debut of Final Fantasy XIV, we are glad to say that the first screenshots that hail from its console edition have been released.

Square Enix blogged, “Knowing that everyone has their own personal tastes, not to mention the need to have a load-out that’s compliments the character and role you’re playing in-game, all of the UI elements that you see in the screenshots can be enabled, disabled, and repositioned to suit your preferences. Menus are also simple to navigate with the command you’re looking for being only a few button presses away.”

All we need to do now is wait until 2013 rolls around, where we can then spend countless waking hours finishing up Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on either a PC or a PS3. Incidentally, the new trend in gaming is catching on, as Final Fantasy XIV does support cross-platform play.

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