If you’re the sort of person who likes checking in to locations via apps like Foursquare, you might be familiar that in certain locations, Foursquare offers deals to those who check in, such as discounts, especially to “Mayors” of the place. Now it seems that Foursquare is looking expand beyond just offering “Mayors” discounts, but to everyone and anyone who checks in based on different parameters. This feature is expected to allow businesses to come up with deals and offers that target specific user bases, and is also for a way for foursquare to monetize its service.

This is according to one of Foursquare’s founders, Dennis Crowley, in an interview with Sarah Lacy at PandoMonthly. He also revealed the importance of being smart and precise when targeting users and was quoted as saying, “You can build a big business making a lot of money off each user, not just amassing more users and showing dumb banner ads.” The system is currently being tested on an extremely small scale of 25 customers, so if you are looking forward to getting good deals and discounts when you check into a location, it will be a while before it becomes widely available, but it should be something worth looking forward to nonetheless.

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