It has been less than a month since Borderlands 2 was released, but oddly enough it seems that rumors of a Borderlands 3 have been running rampant, to the point that Gearbox Software’s founder, Randy Pitchford, had to come forward and officially deny that Borderlands 3 is in development. Taking to his Twitter account, Pitchford wrote:

“Chill out internet. No one has started working on a sequel to Borderlands 2. It’s fun to talk and think, but actual effort is focused on Borderlands 2 DLC, Aliens, etc.


Clean and Simple truth: The only Borderlands related game development work going on right now is for Borderlands 2. I expect that to change at some point, but that is the state of the box at this moment in time…”

For those wondering, rumors of Borderlands 3’s development began when Borderlands 2’s lead writer, Anthony Burch, revealed that Borderlands 3 was already in the planning stages at the studio. Rather conflicting official opinions but we guess even if Borderlands 3 was in its planning stages, why take the focus away from a game that was released less than a month ago, right?

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