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GigaOM RoadMap – Design in the Age of Connectedness – Nov 5, SF

Join GigaOM on Monday, November 5, 2012 in San Francisco for a series of interviews with the leading creators who are building cutting-edge technologies, platforms and visually stunning experiences for the connected consumer.

With the data explosion and always-on connectedness, the world has become so complex, and design and UI are the keys to simplifying and creating meaning from the connected landscape. How will the world change when everything has a ubiquitous connection?

Featuring a veritable who’s who in the “design” world, RoadMap will delve into the future of connected technology, consider the impact that always-on broadband has on our lives, and bring into focus the innovations that lie on the horizon whole working together to chart the way to advance and humanize connected technology.

Review the agenda and then reserve your place. Use code UBERGIZMO for $100 off or register here.

On stage, we’ll peer into the minds of these distinguished thought leaders and innovators:

Matt Mullenweg at RoadMap 11



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