Nexus 7 is to Google as Surface is to Microsoft, so what happens when there are whispers being thrown about the industry, touting that Google as well as Microsoft fully intend to extend the Nexus 7 and Surface tablet ranges to comprise of more than just tablets, but rather, to include smartphones as well in order to increase the level of penetration of their respective platforms to the masses. Just like the ancient proverb that says, all roads lead to Rome, so too, will both of these technology giants implement their respective strategies in a different manner.

Google wants to include smartphones based on their Nexus 7 platform while working with hardware vendors who have vast experience in the world of smartphones such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications and HTC being likely candidates, whereas Microsoft is tapping up ODM maker Pegatron to deliver smartphones that are powered by Windows Phone 8 sometime in the first half of 2013. All of the above are not confirmed just yet, so we will be playing close attention to how the rumors will unfold down the road – whether they will be gospel truth or otherwise.

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