We hear it all the time about how despite Google Play being the official Android app store, there is still malware disguised as apps that manage to slip past security. Well the good news is that according to Android Police, they have uncovered a string file in the latest Google Play store APK that suggests that Google could be introducing a malware scanning feature.

As some of you might be aware, Google already has a security measure in place called Bouncer but since it is impossible to expect that Bouncer will be 100% effective, an extra layer of security is always welcome, right? In any case this new malware scanning feature will act differently from Bouncer in the sense that it scans previously downloaded apps and even warns you if the one you are trying to install might be malware.

For those worried about apps in the Google Play store that required a rooted device, fret not as it appears that users have the option of ignoring the warnings if they choose to. This sounds like a great way to protect users unfamiliar with malware while letting the more experienced users still access apps that require root access. We’re not sure if this feature has been included yet, but it is most definitely something to look forward to.

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