We spend quite a bit of time on our smartphones these days, perhaps more so when compared to feature phones due to our smartphones being able to do many things. Activities such as browsing the web while commuting is a perfectly common sight, which means that websites need to not only think about how their pages look like on a desktop computer, but also how it might look like on a mobile device like a smartphone. Google has indeed thought about that and has since redesigned its mobile homepage.

Launching your mobile phone’s browser and surfing to Google’s website should yield a new design, which rather interestingly looks like a compressed version of the desktop version of Google. It features an options menu to the top left which when pressed, will reveal a sidebar which we can’t help but feel is reminiscent to Facebook’s own sidebar in its app. If you have signed in to your Google+ account, it will display your profile photo along with a box that will inform you of notifications. It’s not a super huge deal but for those who rely on Google frequently, hopefully this redesign will have made your surfing a little bit more convenient.

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