Ever heard of Gree? Come on now, don’t tell me it is the musical series on TV that many people follow. I’m talking about Gree here, not Glee! Well, Gree has just introduced a new program that is said to offer access to tools and resources, targeting independent developers so that they will be able to launch and support their very own titles in the long term. Gree’s pedigree lies in it being a social mobile gaming content and platform provider, and with the latest “Gree Loves Indies” announcement, this new program is focused on recognizing and supporting the efforts of independent developers and small studios across the US.

In order to further pursue their agenda, Gree will work with an “Indie of the Month” in order to launch the selected title to worldwide audiences on the Gree Platform. Eros Resmini, SVP of Developer Relations and Marketing, said, “GREE is a strong supporter of independent developers. They are responsible for pushing the limits of creativity and driving innovation within the mobile industry and I feel we have a responsibility to give them the tools and knowledge they need to work their magic.” As an independent developer, are you rubbing your hands in Gree after reading this?

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