The Holga iPhone Case Filter and FX case looks like the love child of a rotary phone and a Disney Princess kaleidoscope viewer. However, what it does offer, is an ability to add Instagram-esque filters, analog-style. The case comes from toy camera giant Holga, which has made its whole business based on the happy accidents of light-leaks and underexposure. 11 different filters and lenses are mounted on a rotary dial which lets you choose which one you want to use. The best part is the price, which is a surprisingly affordable $30 for the ability to significantly expand your iPhone 5’s photography capabilities. That’s the right price for a novelty case: sure it may be bulky, but slapping it on before you go out shooting could be a lot of fun.

Sorry, the yellow version is iPhone 5 only, but there is an iPhone 4-compatible model. Buy yours here.

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