HTC logoWhile HTC and Samsung could be thought of as allies in the whole iOS versus Android debate, they are also competitors within the Android ecosystem as they fight to sell more smartphones than the other. Unfortunately despite HTC’s recently launched products like the HTC One X that was met with pretty good reviews, the company has fallen on some hard times lately with the last quarter not doing as well as they expected.

So what will HTC do? Well according to recent reports, HTC has reportedly planned to reduce their reliance on Samsung who not only is their competitor, but is also the supplier for some of their components, such as their cameras and AMOLED displays. Instead HTC is said to be turning to OmniVision and Sony for their cameras, and AU Optronics for their AMOLED.

However the report also stated that HTC is apparently worried that AU Optronics might not be able to deliver enough, so some of their supply will still come from Samsung. What do you guys make of this? Could we see the quality of future HTC products increase or decrease as a result of this?

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