While custom UIs introduced by manufacturers in the past were thought of as laggy and unnecessary additions, lately manufacturers have been getting better at tweaking their UIs for their phones. However we guess that there are still Android users out there who would prefer a stock Android experience, or perhaps a UI from a different manufacturer. So why not just buy that manufacturer’s product then, you might ask? We guess there are many factors coming into play here, but the bottom line is that if you own a Sony Xperia handset and would love to get your hands on HTC’s Sense 4 UI, you now can, thanks to XDA Recognized Developer Zackconsole.

What Zackconsole has done was port Sense 4 onto a number of Xperia devices, like the Xperia Arc/S, Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, Xperia Neo V and the Xperia Ray. It should be noted that this Sense 4 port is a pre-alpha build, which means we expect that it is not very stable and that there are probably a ton of bugs and missing features. It is, however, a pretty interesting concept and if you love the Sense UI but are using a Sony phone because it’s still on contract or you can’t afford a new one, perhaps this is something you might want to try. The working list is pretty small but if you don’t mind checking it out, head on over to the relevant links above for the details.

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