We talked about the presence of a cellular bug in iOS 6 which actually consumed precious cellular data even when one is connected to a Wi-Fi network, and while it seems that Verizon Wireless had already fixed that issue, there are users of the iPhone 5 on AT&T who also complain of the same thing happening to them, including others who have upgraded to iOS 6 while using older iPhone models and the iPad tablet. Of course, none of these have been proven in black and white just yet, remaining in the realm of anecdotal reports, although there is a growing number of users who are absolutely convinced that AT&T has been charging them for cellular data even when they are hooked up over to a Wi-Fi network.

If this be true, does it mean that the cellular bug itself is an issue with iOS 6, the operating system itself, instead of being narrowed down to carrier problems or even hardware (the iPhone 5 in this case)? We do hope that companies start to step forward and issue official statements concerning the situation, otherwise things might take a turn for the worse.

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