It looks like phase two of Marvel’s superhero movies has begun after the previous finale that is the Avengers, and the build up kicks off with the third instalment of Iron Man 3 that saw Tony Stark’s Malibu home get blown to bits and pieces, not to mention his precious armory which was “gratefully accepted” (in the words of Bane, of course) being taken advantage of. We also see the first appearance of Mandarin in the movie, and Tony Stark has certainly outdone himself in terms of creating a new armor that has bits and pieces of it flying towards him to “suit up”.

All we do know is, expect plenty more tech surprises to come your way by the time April 2013 rolls around the corner in the movie itself, which leaves us to wonder just how many ways can Iron Man suit up. The next thing you know, he would have bonded electronics with Spider Man’s alien symbiote so that he ends up with an organic armor that is perpetually worn, now how about that for pushing things to the edge?

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