Yamaha does not only make great bikes and musical instruments, they also have an arm that develops mobility aids for the impaired. In fact, their latest invention comes in the form of an electrical assist unit for wheelchairs that is known as the JWX-2. The JWX-2 will make full use of PAS technology from assisted bicycles to wheelchairs, where it will work alongside the load on the wheelchair’s hand rims, letting the wheelchair user operate smoothly on slopes, as that is when the load is high, as well as functioning nicely on carpets.

The JWX-2 is said to be able to be attached to just about any wheelchair, and when it works in tandem with the recently developed, flat AC servomotor, the axle position can be adjusted in the up-down and front-back directions to boot. Not only that, efficiency levels have increased, where travel range has been extended by approximately 20%. You can turn on and off the assist function through a button press, while left and right buttons are used to set different assist levels, letting one maneuver through steep and gentle slopes without missing a beat. Expect the JWX-2 to be released in spring next year as it is still being refined at this point in time. No idea on pricing, but take the current generation of wheelchair assists and it should be in that region thereabouts.

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