Parents, you know that with great power comes great responsibility, and having a kid means you have an awesome responsibility ahead of you, including helping your little one make intelligent choices down the road. You can guide the little one early on in life with the right tools, and just in case they love fooling around with your Kindle Fire HD, bear in mind that there is a new update you should apply that delivers parental controls for the FreeTime feature, ensuring you have more say in how the 7” tablet is used by your kids.

Basically, Free Time allows parents to limit the amount of time that one is able to view different content types as well as apps, books, and other content that kids are allowed to see. To exit FreeTime mode, a password is required. This particular update will not bring good news for parents who have already rooted their respective Kindle Fire HD tablet, so you might not want to apply it until you are very sure your can re-root the Kindle Fire HD with the new update.

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