When it comes to fashion, you know that some celebrities tend to be a whole lot more outrageous than others. Of course, they see themselves as trendsetters, and not everything that is worn on stage would be deem to be appropriate or practical in our everyday lives. One thing is for sure though, Lady Gaga is never too far away from the spotlight whenever she makes an appearance, and part of this is due to her team of creative stylists. In fact, Frederic Aspiras, wigmaker and hair stylist at Haus of Gaga, has managed to come up with an interesting piece of bio-tech of sorts – the illuminated wig. This illuminated wig is the clever combination of actual human hair alongside fine fiber optics, lighting up as though Lady Gaga herself has had a bright idea swimming around in her head. Not only that, the illuminated wig was touted to be controlled wirelessly (we guess there is a transmitter chip embedded somewhere…) in order to have different lighting patterns appear to suit the situation. Neat, no?

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