We are not too sure whether you have the cojones to step into this uniquely modified room by LG that has their new IPS monitors on the floor, combined in a three-by-three grid that depicts the elevator shaft right under where you are standing. It is definitely an eye opener, and LG’s public relations or marketing stunt will definitely win its fair share of fans and detractors alike. After all, not many people I know are happy enough with their life at the moment that they can die and leave this world without a care or concern for those remaining behind, and a shock like this would definitely rile some suits and skirts alike.

Do you think that the video above is real, or is it just a PR stunt? Whatever the case or verdict is, whoever steps into that room by accident might just walk out of it, needing to head home for a new pair of pants or a skirt because he or she soiled his/hers.

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