So it has been more or less confirmed that LG themselves will have their very own version of a Nexus device, which would mean HTC, Samsung and LG all have had their stab at the Nexus brand name, with Samsung being the most successful out of the three to date. The thing about our story concerning the LG Nexus’ impending release this coming October 29th was, there was no mention of a price point.

Well, it seems that additional details concerning the upcoming LG Nexus has been uncovered, where it will be a smartphone launched over on Google Play at $399 a pop, although it remains to be seen whether other mobile carriers will carry the LG Nexus or not. There is also no LTE connectivity to speak of as at press time, presumably to ensure that the final sticker price would not be too prohibitive to the masses, and the LG Nexus will answer only to GSM networks – meaning AT&T and T-Mobile in the US for those who subscribe to the major four wireless carriers.

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