The apparent release date of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII of March 29, 2013 as listed by Amazon started to hit the grapevines recently, but thankfully, before things get out of hand, Square Enix has stepped forward to refute the listed release date, although they did stress the fact that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII itself is still due for a release next year. I guess Amazon’s update with the March 29th release date for next year was nothing more than a placeholder, but it would be better to just mention that the release falls under the “To Be Announced” category instead of raising up hopes and false alarms. We are not quite sure ourselves if Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will arrive next year though, as Famitsu did report last month that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game remains at 30% complete.

It is said that the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII game will be the final entry in the “Lightning saga”, featuring the FFXIII heroine in a tense finale which sees a doomsday clock perform the countdown of 13 days until the world ends. Guess the Mayans had it wrong this time around, no?

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